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Health and Safe​ty Practices

When we conduct operations, we make sure that the technician properly wash their hands, use hand sanitizer, use proper gloves and wear a mask.

As with all procedures, sanitation is of utmost importance. 

For sanitation and sterilization; 

All tools must get wiped down with Cavi-wipes to clean and disinfect.

Washed with an antibacterial soap for 2 minutes.

Soaked in hospital grade (Barbicide-Plus) disinfectant for 15 minutes.

Last but not least, we also follow the standard set by the Center for Disease Control. The CDC’s preferred method of sterilization is the Autoclave, which uses high-pressure saturated steam at 121 degrees Celsius or more for 20 minutes to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

We never use cold sterilization, chemicals, radiations, membranes and other means to make sure our clients are safe.

Even though there are no laws prohibiting the re-using of needles after Autoclave sanitation, we ALWAYS and ONLY use fresh, unused and individually packaged needles. We dispose any/all used needles in a FDA approved and puncture-proof disposal containers.

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